VVT Learning Center

The Virtual vision Technology (VVT) hub of activity is it’s access-technology Learning Center (LC), in Aldan, PA. The Learning Center is space dedicated to skills assessment, training development and individual and group training classrooms. It also houses product sales, customer services, technical support, project management and administrative support facilities. Professional meetings, equipment demonstrations and technology seminars can be accommodated.

Our facility is equipped with one-on-one and group classrooms. These classrooms all contain high capacity Windows computers installed with the latest Microsoft and Access Technology hardware, software and peripheral equipment including scanners and Braille devices. These classrooms provide a separate, isolated training environment, important to training in a speech-oriented software technology.

VVT has a full time in-house staff and a full range of technology specialists and professional consultants. VVT access technology trainers are all skilled users of the technology that they teach. The VVT staff has a proven track record in design and delivery of Windows computer skill training and access technology training, integrated with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access and Outlook Email) and the World Wide Web. If needed, this training can be conducted remotely and can be customized to fit the student’s specific needs. VVT trainers also have experience with in-house and on-site training of corporate employees in the use of access technology with their company’s proprietary software. Individualized attention from professional Training team-members.

VVT courses are extensive in scope and method of delivery. Take advantage of targeted, competent course delivery in a state-of-the-art professional environment.

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