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Since 1991, the premier source for disability access solutions that work.

The Virtual Vision Technologies Mission is to support people with disabilities in work and school environments, enabling them to excel at academics and employment.  The VVT Goal is to help employers recruit, screen, hire, retain, and work with those individuals and to foster accessibility in the workplace, on campus, and in distance learning initiatives...

VVT is disability owned & managed:  75% of VVT staff are professionals with disabilities who use the technologies we service.

What solutions can I find on this website to aid in recruiting, training or retaining productive disabled workers?

Find the question and follow the link (answer) below that best matches your need. That path will lead you to a comprehensive solution that works!

As a contemporary employer seeking productive employees, how do I evaluate the competitive employability of a visually impaired candidate?  How do I train, support, and retain such an employee in the use of my business applications?

As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, how can I be sure that my client has the skill level to compete for a job in the integrated workplace?  If they do not have the appropriate aptitude, how much additional training is needed?

What is the full range of VVT Training offerings?  Course content?  Available methods of delivery?  Outcomes reporting options?

Looking for industry-leading Assistive Technology (AT) tools?

Are you wrestling with extraordinary ACCESSIBILITY issues?   Less-than accessible proprietary applications?  Website or Web application compliance concerns?  Unusual or inaccessible hardware or telephony?

What is an Access Technology Learning Center?  What does it look like?  How does it operate?

Do you have other questions?



Product and Service Spotlight

AT-SAM Remote Assessment 

AT SAM Pro - AT Skills Assessment

Assessment Teams working remotely.

S3 - Skills for Sighted Staff





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