Access Analysis:

Evaluating Accessibility and Usability of Software Applications

Overview: Access Analysis is a Technical Services offering intended to evaluate the Accessibility of a given software application, a software application suite, an organization website or any key business tool. The Analysis is conducted from multiple perspectives: the customer view, the employee view and the view of the prospective vision-impaired job seeker. The Analysis outcome is a report that details at both high level and granular level, the inherent barriers to accessibility, recommended solutions for internal remediation and VVT offerings that can address and remove these barriers.

Conduct an Access Analysis of each key business tool to discover whether and how much you are accessible to jobseekers, employees and customers.

The Access Analysis Process – Measuring Accessibility

Maintaining industry standard or specialized, custom (even homegrown) proprietary software titles in your enterprise can present inherent challenges that include product accessibility. To scope the accessibility challenge, Access Analysis proceeds as follows:

  • A Virtual Vision Technologies Access Analysis starts with a brief “Outset” phone conversation which is used to determine the scope of the analysis and to answer general questions about the process.
  • During the analysis, our AT Integrators review the state of accessibility of desktop or Web-based applications through exhaustive testing and preliminary solution development. The Access Analysis goes well beyond simple task of running automated test tools, by employment of extensive manual testing with various Access Technology tools.
  • The resultant reports detail:

    • Each accessibility barrier or problem found, including applicable compliance-related issues such as Section 508, WCAG, etc.
    • Specific recommendations for internal remediation usually including code-level suggestions for proactive change management
  • Each problem or issue identified can usually be linked to a Technical Service available from Virtual Vision Technologies to address the specific problem with a comprehensive AT solution: from redevelopment, alternative format, and screen reader scripting to specialized and appropriate AT equipment; from job task modification to enterprise AT equipment management and maintenance.

After the Access Analysis – Implementing Accessibility

With the results of the analysis in-hand, your teams can begin to make solid decisions that move you toward complete accessibility and good usability both internally and externally. The reporting will contain high-level review of findings as well as granular technical detail and recommendations. VVT Tech Services Integrators will ensure complete understanding and proper interpretation of the documented findings with an optional (but inclusive/free) post-analysis Outcomes Conference call for any / all members of your teams.

Next steps will vary according to your company initiatives, projects and corporate culture, but they usually involve consultation, remediation and solution development and implementation.

  • We will work with you and partner with internal teams, as appropriate to needs.
  • Each customized AT solution or redevelopment effort managed by VVT is accompanied by complete documentation for end users, supporting IT staff, and trainers. Knowledge transfer for your technical resources always occurs during the consulting phases.
  • Our Tech Services and Training teams work closely together to provide general or specialized training related to solutions, as needed.
  • Additional as-needed or ongoing Technical Support is always available during and after any phase.

Access Analysis provides the key to determining the accessibility of your current enterprise systems. Further, it points out the barriers that need to be removed to achieve true accessibility goals and provides recommendations for removing these barriers. Remediation can be an internal process or can utilize VVT support resources to achieve the desired goals. In either case, Virtual Vision Tech Services is your competent and reliable partner to help you implement employment accessibility as the core of your internal business and to feature customer accessibility in the face of your external offerings.

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