ADAPT: Accessible Design Achievement Primer Training

“The Round Trip to Accessibility & Better Usability”



(or Accessible Design Achievement Primer Training) is a flexible and modular training event for development teams and technical project managers which introduces the concepts required for integrating accessibility into the design and development processes. Ideally, ADAPT includes two major segments delivered as a whole-day session. First, the training walks through all the basics of “accessibility” at a high level. Topics covered include the significant goals that compose any accessible project design, as well as automated and manual testing, human analysis, and thorough User Acceptance Testing and documentation. Second, the training reviews and examines the specific Website or proprietary application that is in current development or use to identify the access issues that are part of the project under review.

ADAPT can be structured for a half day event too, but the real “hands on” technical value is discovered when the participants’ own work is in focus and examined in the clear light of accessibility.

The ADAPT Process:

Ideally, the ADAPT course follows on the heels of an Access Analysis. If ADAPT is to be combined with an Access Analysis, set the date for an ADAPT session at your location to follow delivery of Access Analysis reporting for the Website or computer application that your developers work with. Have your team review the reporting and do some basic preparation so that they understand the Three Words, “Compliance”, “accessibility” and “usability”. Discuss the findings with your team and document any questions so that your team’s concerns are clearly emphasized and can be addressed during the ADAPT session.


ADAPT is the best way to jump-start your development teams, priming them on the basic concepts of accessibility so that they are all on the same page. Development projects that include accessibility from the start will be more cost effective and user friendly that projects that try to remediate the issues, or “go back” and add access components as an afterthought.

ADAPT is the primer that paves the way for next steps or first steps toward accessible (or “universal”) design and development. It is an ideal precursor to developer consulting for accessibility, as well as Access Technology-User Acceptance Testing (AT-UAT).

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