PEP — A Primer for Employee Preparedness

PEP is a training program intended for new hires, prospects, and, embedded employees with disabilities. PEP prepares users of Assistive Technology (AT) to access systems and workflows, allowing them to compete on an equal playing field with sighted employees in your company’s standard business training. PEP training eliminates barriers and common problems related to job access; thus, you can better prepare people for successful and long-term productive careers. By priming individuals with vision-related disabilities prior to your standard job content training, PEP can help reduce post-training ramp-up and transition time, as well as ease the burden of support services demanded of your trainers and supervisors.

Personal Support for employees learning AT at work.

KEY BENEFITS for employers:

  • Foster higher retention, lower turnover rates
  • Tap a new pool of qualified jobseekers
  • Promote ADA Compliance + Disability Accommodation guidelines
  • Tailor pre-training to fit specific job roles
  • Minimize or eliminate barriers to job role accessibility with a seamless on-boarding
  • Take advantage of PEP training time to observe/assess new hire work performance

KEY BENEFITS: PEP offers your business:

  • Qualified new hires with disabilities who
  • Can compete and succeed on a level playing field with sighted new hires.
  • Motivated, loyal employees who are committed to job excellence
  • In-house PEP grads with a rare combination of soft skills and technical expertise necessary to operate work equipment and to relate well in the workplace

Results of PEP training and skill enhancement are directly transferable to Customer Service Rep role training courses and the job itself, as well as to a wide range of parallel business roles such as telesales/telemarketing, financial services/collections, legal, pharmaceutical, and technical support.

PEP is delivered onsite as a one or two-week full time course with individualized instruction. PEP trainers are certified Assistive Technology Instructors who are also power users of those technologies. They teach a comprehensive curriculum of training modules using current industry-standard methodologies. Professional delivery of this content teaches qualified people who are blind or who have low vision to use specific AT to access and operate computer hardware, peripherals, standard and proprietary multi-screen software applications, and Customer Service technologies.

PEP training also features exclusive Bridging Activities which introduce important learning strategies and teach visually impaired new hires the soft skills essential for efficient and seamless integration into your workplace and business culture. PEP’s Bridging Activities ensure successful placement by offering a toolbox of best practices and work strategies extracted from our years of collective wisdom and experience garnered while providing employer/employee support for hiring and retaining people with disabilities in the worlds of business, industry, and vocational rehabilitation.

All PEP elements and modules can be custom tailored to meet the access needs and technical requirements of any specific job or role. With many levels of involvement available, you may integrate your own staff as much or as little as you desire. We can also help you rename/rebrand a customized PEP to better reflect your unique business goals. PEP has a proven track record of success for HR, recruitment, and placement teams; success for vocational rehabilitation efforts; and most importantly, success for bottom-line business outcomes. Paired with Technology Training for the Trainer (The T3) and other available staff training sessions, PEP provides the smoothest possible transition experience for all participants.

“Your job software AT training course [PEP] gave me the Assistive Technology tools I needed to go to the head of [my company’s] Customer Service job training class. Watch out, work, here I come!”

— Paul R., Customer Service Representative and PEP graduate for a Fortune 50 Telecommunications Corporation’s major subsidiary

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