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The goal of the Accessible Corporation is to recruit, evaluate, hire, train and work with highly productive visually impaired employees. VVT can help you achieve this goal with programs in place that prepare individuals with disabilities for job readiness, full employment, job retention, and career advancement within the mainstream competitive workforce. We provide workplace support for people with disabilities and the professionals that serve them. We understand the support that employers need to evaluate a visually impaired candidate and how to best prepare successful applicants to use their access technology in concert with employer proprietary processes and applications.

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– What are the things that I need to know about hiring a Visually Impaired Person (VIP)?

– What are the biggest considerations and best practices for comprehensive management of accommodations and accessibility at my organization?

Accommodation & Accessibility Management

– Before I hire, how do I evaluate the competitive employability of the visually impaired candidate?

– What are some general guidelines when interacting with a Visually Impaired Person

– Is there a low risk approach to hiring the Visually Impaired?

– What are the most important things for a sighted trainer or supervisor (or fellow employee) to consider in working with a visually Impaired Person?

Skills for Sighted Staff (S3)

– How does a Visually Impaired employee learn to integrate their access technology skills with their current or prospective company’s proprietary applications?

– Are my company’s proprietary applications compatible with access technology tools? If not, how do I get them there?

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