VVT Course Catalog

Course Name Course # Description
Typing LR100K> This course makes it easy for beginners to learn to type and develop touch typing skills. This is also a great refresher if you want to enhance your current keyboard skills and build speed and accuracy.
Intro to Magnification Software AT101_Mag This course will give the student the acquired skills and knowledge to manipulate and access text using screen magnification software such as MAGic, ZoomText and LUNAR Plus.
Intro to Screen Reading Software AT101_SN This course introduces the student to text reading software such as JAWS, HAL and WindowEyes. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and hands on experience, using basic keyboard commands to access and read text and configuring the software.
Intro to Apple Mac-OS with VoiceOver VO101 This course will introduce Mac OS X with Voiceover, including basic VO commands and gestures with Finder, Dock, Mail, Text Edit, and Safari.
Intro to Apple Mac-OS with VoiceOver VO102 This course covers intermediate features of the Mac OS with VoiceOver, including: QuickNav, iCal, Address book, iTunes, the Mac App store, and Downloading content with Safari. Note: Successful completion of VO101 is a prerequisite before enrolling in this intermediate course.
Advanced Course for Apple Mac-OS with VoiceOver VO103 This course covers the VO Utility, VoiceOver activities, changing System preferences, and more. Note: Successful completion of VO102 is a prerequisite before enrolling in this advanced course.
Intro to Apple iOS based devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) with VoiceOver VO101i This course will introduce basic concepts and gestures of the iOS devices, (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). The course includes training on native apps including Contacts, Mail, Safari, Calendar, and more.
Advanced course for Apple iOS-based devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) with VoiceOver VO201i This course introduces iTunes, the App store, and other third party apps. Also covered in this course is Folder and app organization and other advanced iOS concepts. Note: Successful completion of VO101i is a prerequisite before enrolling in this more advanced course.
AT with Windows AT101W Introduces the Windows OS, basic windows keyboard commands and covers file management.
Professional Development PD100 Learn essential concepts of resume, cover letter and follow-up writing techniques, and the importance of networking yourself to become more employable.
Professional Development (x2) PD101 Learn how to use popular job searching websites to search for employment, upload your resume and cover letter and how to create job alerts to instantly notify you of employment opportunities.
*We have identified specific web sites fully accessible for employment searching, including Government based employment; (PD100) is mandatory before this course
Social Networking SN100 Learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to increase your networking, stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends, and to stay on top of digital information in real-time.
*The above can be paired with our Application Integration Modules (AIM)
Online Shopping SHP100 Learn how to competently use the most popular online shopping sites such as: Amazon, EBay, PEAPOD (grocery) and Target, to find what you want, pay for the item and have the item delivered to your home or place of interest.
Online Web Customization WBCUS100 Learn how to fully tailor a web page to exclude elements, such as Ad’s, graphics and images, to make a web site easier to understand and navigate; this course also demonstrates how to label form elements on a web page to a unique name of your own, like re-labeling a (edit field), to “search here”.
*The above is only for the JAWS screen-reader at this time
Olympus Recorders OLS100 Learn how to efficiently use the following items with this special digital recorder used by the Vision Impaired: Interface navigation, functions, changing settings, transferring files and folders to a computer or other device, microphone settings, external memory
*Exclusive for the voice guided (DM 620) series
Accessible Document Creation ADC100 Learn to create professional accessible documents using the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word/Excel), so that (AT) users and non-users can share the same information on the same platform.
Focus Braille Displays FBD100 Learn how to use this popular brand of braille display’s, become competent using the interface, understanding and using settings, and acquire the general knowledge to become a proficient user.
*Must fully understand Braille to take this course
Accessible Online Book sharing DGBK100 Learn how to use popular accessible online book sharing web sites to gain information, and to quench your reading thirst, sites include, but not limited to: Bard, Audible, book share, NFB newsline
Accessible Online Financing DIGFIN100 Learn how to prepare your own taxes, become efficient with online banking, and use your banks mobile app to accomplish many banking tasks.
*The above depends on your particulars banks web site accessibility, and mobile app; (iPhone) apps are being demonstrated at this time only
Microsoft Word: Want to create documents using a computer? This comprehensive course is designed to provide you with the tools you need to use MS Word in school, workplace or at home. It is offered in 3 levels: Introductory, Intermediate and advance.
Introduction to Microsoft Word MSOW101 This course is design for users who are new to word. This is a hands on course that not only teaches concepts but also how to apply those concepts; teaches basic skills needed to create and edit a document, format text and pages in MS Word.
Intermediate MS Word MSOW102 This course teaches participant to create more complex documents in MS Word including tables, mail merge and protecting documents.
Advance MS Word MSOW103 This advance course in word covers managing document changes and creating complex forms.
Microsoft Excel: Want to leverage the power of spreadsheets at home or at work? Learn to use MS Excel for reporting, accounting, project tracking, etc.
This course is offered in 3 levels: Introductory, Intermediate and advance
Introduction to Microsoft Excel MSOE101 This course is design for users who are new to using spreadsheet application such as excel. Participant will gain hand on experience and learn key excel terms, basic skills needed to edit and enter data, reading spreadsheet data, format cells and perform simple financial operations.
Intermediate MS Excel MSOE102 Participant will learn through hands on exploration to work with larger worksheet and workbooks, linking data between sheets, and write more complex formulas.
Advance MS Excel MSOE103 This course offers an overview of the advance capability of the MS Excel application including working with charts, exporting data from other source, linking and embedding workbooks and worksheet and web integration.
Email EML101

This course will provide you with email concepts and the skills to start sending and responding to messages using MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Web mail.

The MS Outlook course is offered in the introductory and the intermediate levels. Managing and organizing messages, using the calendar, contact and task list.

Microsoft PowerPoint MSPP101S

Want to read or create presentations? Introduces the basics of planning, creating, designing and running slide presentations. We can also design a custom course according to your specification or organizational needs.

Internet INT161 This course covers an array of topics, from browsing the web to sending and responding to email messages.
OCR Scanning AT103SOCR In this course you explore the fundamentals of scanning printed documents using OpenBook or Kurzweil1000 scanning software.
Vario Ultra AT107BVU This course is designed to provide participants the skills to independently use the Vario Ultra both in Notetaker mode and Braille display mode

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