VVT Instructor Certification Program

Our Instructor Certification program bridges the gap between the candidate’s current knowledge and required knowledge for an instructor of access technology to provide the best training solutions and service to accommodate the needs of the client. The VVT Instructor Certification Program prepares candidates to become an instructor by providing to them the essential tools and training in the specifics required of an instructor of Access Technology.

Upon entering this program, the candidate is required to have a basic knowledge and understanding of using a computer integrated with Access Technology, Microsoft Office applications and other computer-based applications. This is an eight (8) to ten (10) week program that offers coach assist from our instructor staff. The student gains a valuable learning experience and knowledge while they advanced their current skills through the interaction of on-site classroom instructions and on remote locations with other instructors. The candidate will have the opportunity to learn beginner to mastery skills in the use of access technology integrated with our course and computer-based applications and other A T products. The ability to work independently to acquire the necessary skills needed to become an instructor is a requirement for all candidates. Coach Assist is implemented throughout this program and is supported by our instructors who are access technology specialists. A Letter of Intent (LOI) must be signed by the candidate to participate in this program. The Letter of Intent is an acknowledgment and agreement to accept the terms and conditions for the Virtual Vision Technologies Instructor Certification Program. Failure to sign or to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth in the LOI will result in termination from the program.

To adhere to our program standards, all candidates are trained to implement a tailored approach to each student’s training experience by providing customized lesson plans and teaching methodologies that are viable to the learning experience for the student. This is an accelerated learning program that is customized to allow the candidates to learn specific topics at an accelerated pace so they can quickly apply new skills and assume the responsibilities and role of an instructor.

All candidates must be:

  • Motivated – Candidate must have the discipline and commitment to improve and build upon his or her current skills
  • Intuitive – Candidate must be able to recognize his or her strengths and weaknesses pertaining to their skill level in relation to the required skills needed for the instructor position
  • Self-directed. – Candidate must have the discipline and commitment to work independently to acquire the needed skills to be an instructor of access technology

The candidate will gain valuable knowledge and a wholesome teaching experience through the implementation of and participation in the following:

  • Prepare weekly teaching assignments that will include lesson plan development for all training objectives
  • Participate in mock training sessions based on the weekly assignments
  • Prepare reports based on the training experience
  • Travel on-site with other instructors
  • Observe the teaching techniques of other instructors
  • Participate in all Instructor-Prep Workshops
  • Receive an outcome measurement of progress through the administration of progress evaluations and test
  • Intern Review – The candidate receives valuable feedback from their performance review conducted by the coaching staff and program facilitators

Each candidate must be interviewed and given a qualification exam to determine if he possesses the potential skills to continue in the Instructor Certification Program. After the completion of the program, the candidate will receive a Certificate of Certification as an instructor of Access Technology.

This program is offered once a year and is facilitated at our Access technology Learning Center in Upper Darby Pennsylvania. We do make some exception and modification to this program for individuals who live a distance from the Learning Center by providing program content via phone teleconferencing and email. But those who participate in this method of delivery are not exempt from any terms and conditions required in the program and must be available to participate at the same period of time when the program is administered.

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