Mag-CAM (Magnification Capability Assessment Measure)


The Mag-CAM testing instrument measures the ability of a candidate to use screen magnification for computer access. It differs from the PQA (AT SAM) assessment in that it only measures the screen magnification skill level without any speech component activated and it limits the candidate to a maximum magnification power of 3X.

Remote Assessment of screen magnification users.


Many screen magnification users are employees or job-seeking candidates with a visual impairment, but who routinely complete many tasks visually and might even operate a car during the day. They probably use no cane for navigational support and most importantly, they will generally not self-identify for accommodation of any kind. These candidates have been socially conditioned to “pass” for fully able because self -identification often resulted in rejection from other employment opportunities. They wish to be treated “normally”, however, providing “normal” support for them is not always a good solution because they may be unable to complete new hire training and compete on the team with average or higher performance scores.

Evaluation Measures:

Mag-CAM evaluates two components within a 60 minute time frame:

  • The ability to successfully use screen magnification to complete computer tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • The ability to continue with the normal applicant evaluation process without special assistance or access issues particularly without any screen reading support and a maximum magnification power of no more than 3X.

Note: Screen magnification does not conflict in any way with most computer testing tools regularly used in applicant testing during the hiring process. However, since these are timed tests, magnification levels higher than 3X may seriously limit the candidate’s ability to complete tests on time.

Result: This applicant can be treated very much like the average sighted applicant, taking all computer and other testing with only the assistance of magnification To do this, MAGic without speech, must be installed on the computer testing work station. . The advantage to the interviewing team is that they also can consider the special issues and concerns of this applicant who uses magnification only to gain an accurate sense of performance expectations. Note: No reading assistance should be provided for the screen magnification user in order to complete the computer delivered applicant tests.


The Mag-CAM allows the applicant with a lot of vision to be treated as normally as possible and still be assessed to determine the ability to perform at company standards with special technological assistance. It is important to remember, that this applicant will also require screen magnification and pre-VZW JumpStart training simply because the access technology will be required to complete successfully a full day’s work expectations.

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