AAMP: Accommodations & Accessibility Management Partner

Navigating the high seas of accessibility & employee accommodation

Why would I need a partner for my accessibility and accommodations management program?

Because implementing and maintaining such a program can often be rigorous, demanding, and is uniquely challenging—especially for visual disabilities. The right partner can kick-start your project and help you keep it on track.

Image of disabled employees working or training at accessible workstations.

Overview :

A disability Accommodation & Accessibility Management Partner is a proven consultant, value-added vendor, and a professional service provider that supports an organization’s program to hire and retain persons with disabilities, and retain valued employees who become disabled while on the job. In addition, this partner supports the goals of full accessibility for Websites, internal documents and Proprietary applications for customers and employees.

In accommodations and accessibility management, there are considerations which touch all of your systems for hiring, training, and retaining employees, as well as your enterprise IT infrastructure—Web content and application design, and any product and/or service offerings. Accessibility is no longer just a term reserved for persons with special needs. Nor is it just a government mandate. It is fast becoming a basic definition and standard for all employee and customer facing offerings. More than that, it is the right thing to do. Being accessible will yield windfall returns in the loyalty of employees and customers, as well as many unexpected benefits for your brand such as enhancing your diversity portfolio, your capabilities, and even business-to-business relationships.

Consider these internal systems:

  • Identifying, hiring and training applicants with disabilities
  • Supervising, integrating and support employees with disability
  • Retaining imbedded employees who become disabled
  • Accessible electronic and hard copy inter-office documents
  • Enterprise standardization for access technologies
  • Desktop support for access technology users
  • Creating and maintaining AT user groups
  • Testing new application releases for accessibility

Consider these external consumer-facing systems:

  • Website accessibility for on-line applications, purchases and corporate information
  • Targeted marketing for customers with disability
  • Access to all products including product accessibility
  • Customer relations and sales support for customers with disability
  • Marketing benefits and customer good will for support of access for all to work and purchase

The advantage of a partner at its most basic level is having a third party professional standing with you with the experience, and resources that will assist your own professional internal resources in locating the best solution for disability accommodation and accessibility.

The ideal partner can make sense of the commitment to access and disability accommodation that you have identified and announced, but you are not sure how to begin and structure a project to appropriately implement the vision and goals you have identified.

The right partner will respect your hopes and wishes for a new project and will also be able to separate and define services so that you can select those that you need when you want them. That means that the partner must be a 360 degree solution service provider, able to provide accommodation and accessibility services across a wide spectrum of project objectives and goals to make all aspects of customer and employee materials available to all users.

Are you ready? Corporate culture, government agency standards and society’s demands for diversity and inclusion are all moving toward new vision for accommodation of all persons, whether employees or customers, and access to all available information and products. Diversity, inclusion and access are not ideals today, they are fast becoming expectations and demands which we can help you identify and add to your own goals for the impending future.

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