Our Mission

Since 1991, Young Opportunities d/b/a Virtual Vision Technologies has existed to prepare individuals with disabilities for full employment, job readiness, job retention, and career advancement within the mainstream competitive workforce. We provide workplace and academic support for people with disabilities and the professionals that serve them, including assistive technology assessment, equipment, and training, AT and IT tech support, employment access, worksite modification, 508 compliance, website accessibility, and hiring/employer support for individuals with disabilities.

We employ qualified people with disabilities; a majority of our professional workforce consists of people who have visual, hearing, physical or ergonomic disabilities.


  • To be the best possible full service equal opportunity company working for positive social change and full employment for people with disabilities, with support from accessible technologies.
  • To operate the best VVT Access Technology Learning Center possible, striving always for innovation and quality in teaching and instruction.
  • To support and serve individuals with disabilities with difficulty reading or accessing print, and the employers, colleagues, companies, organizations, and agencies that work with, serve, or support them.
  • To walk our talk as a fully accessible, equal opportunity company employing qualified workers with disabilities in the competitive mainstream workforce, with a qualified professional staff of men and women who are multi-racial, multi-ethnic, with a rich variety of abilities and disabilities.
  • To provide the highest quality consulting, equipment, instruction and services in assistive and access technology. The end goal of all company policies, programs, and decisions is to provide quality AT equipment and services to clients and customers.
  • To be the best possible full service equal opportunity company working for positive social change and full employment for people with disabilities.
  • To provide assistive technology consulting, equipment, and instruction for disabled individuals, so they can successfully return to their rightful places in society and the workplace. Such persons include those with difficulty reading print or seeing, including blind or visually impaired children, adults, and seniors, and those with other physical or learning disabilities.
  • To increase understanding and skills for helping disabled people.
  • To support full employment for qualified disabled persons in the competitive workplace.
  • To provide the best possible access technology instruction, equipment, and support for people with disabilities.
  • To work together as a cohesive and productive work community to support our clients and customers.

Our company values

  • A diverse work team and a society that welcomes each person’s unique contribution drawn from a rich diversity of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or ability/disability.
  • A work community based on productive, supportive teamwork, both among our own staff and within collaborative networks of clients, customers, and service providers.
  • Work/life balance which benefits the whole person and team.
  • Professional staff similarly disabled to the customer/clients they serve, with technical mastery and instructional expertise in the use of access technologies. We believe these professionals are best qualified to understand and teach to the special learning/teaching methodologies of the disabled learner.
  • The continued personal and professional development of staff, interns, and volunteers.

Our practices

We seek to practice what we preach, with company policies consistent with our values, mission and goals.

We employ skilled professionals from a diverse population, qualified in the fields of AT assessment, training, instruction, tech support, equipment sales, worksite modification, and rehabilitation engineering.

Our Access Technology Learning Center AT instructors, technical support staff, interns, and volunteers are required to meet Minimum IT and AT Competency Standards established by our company.

We strive to work in collaboration with employers to help them hire and retain qualified disabled employees, by providing workplace assistance and consulting in assistive technology as it relates to hiring, job risk, retention and promotion.

We support the professional and personal development of our staff. We offer staff development in-services to ensure innovation and quality in staff teambuilding and communications, AT instruction, tech support, and AT equipment knowledge and use.

We maintain AT Training/Instructional/Technical Standards for all staff, volunteers, and interns.

We maintain comprehensive AT Course Catalogs, Course Curricula, Instructional Modules and Tracking and Evaluation methodologies and materials for the instruction and education of people with disabilities, their employers, and related helping professionals.

We seek to create new models to assist people with disabilities and organizations outside VVT, including training, course/curriculum development, assessment strategies, new approaches to the rehabilitation process, and methods of social leadership support systems.

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