VVT Technical Services: Accessibility in Application!

The foundation of VVT Tech Services lies in the understanding of three words – “Compliance,” “Accessibility” and “Usability.” It is probably your interest in one of these words that brings you here.

We are a disability accommodation management company providing a variety of services that all can be listed under of these three words. Our Technical Services team offers 360° solutions for each of the three technical challenges above, which any organization is bound to run into. Whether it’s removing accessibility barriers to proprietary computer or Web-based applications, evaluating or installing specialized hardware or telephony, building accessible workstations, or even developing collaborative electronic tools for team interaction and training, Virtual Vision Technologies Technical Services can help you bridge the gap.

Our Access Technology (AT) Integrators have the tools, knowledge, and experience to create accessible environments for your employees and customers.

Can all your customers find you? Can all your employees compete at work? They can—but only if all your applications and sites are accessible:

  • How about software required by the employees?
  • Are things accessible for one job description or division, but not others?
  • Are all applications and content (including Web content) that are pertinent to your business accessible in every instance and flavor to all employees?
  • Internal and external clients and customers?
  • Storefronts? Appliances? Product manuals? Customer Services?

Measuring Accessibility – and – Implementing Solutions!

See if the following questions address your concerns… If they do, follow the links to the answers you need!

  • Do you understand the definitions of the Three Words, “Compliance”, “Accessibility” and “Usability”?

    VVT can help you in Defining Accessibility!

  • Are you able to measure the accessibility of your Website or proprietary computer applications? Has accessible function taken a back seat to form for your customers or your employees? Do you already have concerns about accessibility of your applications?

    Measure and evaluate your application with an Access Analysis!

  • How do I certify my Website or proprietary/commercial application or product in an industry standard way?

    VVT can assist you with authoring and maintaining a VPAT and other certifications for your products. VVT’s VAST VPAT support services include high-level evaluation for the certification, as well as professional, support/consulting and training for your teams, and even authoritative third-party confirmation of your results.

  • How do I know if I am providing essential and necessary services for a new hire or existing/embedded employee who requires special support for disability? Have I considered all aspects of the job description and tasks that must be performed on the job?

    Discover and provide for all of your employee’s needs with a Role analysis!

  • Do you already offer professional training events for your development and QA teams who want to learn about compliance, accessibility and usability in Website and proprietary applications?

    If not, check out ADAPT, our Accessible Design Achievement Primer Training!

  • Can I confirm and verify accessibility and usability throughout all of the phases of the development life cycle? How can I provide direction for my development teams?

    VVT can provide Accessible Design Consulting for your product architects, developers, technical project managers. Once implemented, test for and validate your success with AT-UAT, our Access Technology User Acceptance Testing services.

  • What is screen reader script writing? When redeveloping/remediating the application isn’t an option, how can screen reader scripting be used as a solution so that my applications are accessible and usable for all my employees? How does it impact my proprietary applications, network, or other users?

    Customization of Access Technology and Screen Reader Scripting

Since 1991, Virtual Vision Technologies has been the premier resource for accessibility solutions that work: Our Tech Services and Training teams work closely together to provide general or specialized training related to solutions, as needed. Additional as-needed or ongoing Technical Support is always available during and after any phase. Virtual Vision Tech Services is your competent and reliable partner to help you implement employment accessibility as the core of your internal business and to feature customer accessibility as the face of your external offerings.

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