Training the Trainers and supervisors:

A comprehensive One Day course aimed at educating sighted trainers and other professionals in the corporate environment to work with Blind or visually impaired employees

During this one day seminar, participants have the opportunity to engage in discussions designed to gain a better understanding of the issues related to employing persons with visual impairments. Cover topics ranging from; new hirees having a need to get oriented to a new building or campus, understanding corporate culture and norms, hands-on demonstrations of proper sighted guide technique, gain exposure to Screen Reading and Magnification software, and how this Assistive Technology integrates with the proprietary applications employed by your corporation. In addition, we discuss reasonable accommodations, as well as methods for maintaining company standards with the new blind or visually impaired employee. Since our seminars facilitators are blind themselves, we speak from experience about the challenges facing today’s blind and visually impaired workforce. Overall, this seminar is designed to create an open atmosphere for sharing thoughts, and asking the hard questions that employers may not feel comfortable asking new hirees with a vision impairment.

This workshop is a flexible design that can be tailored to meet the needs of any corporation that seeks to actively hire people with visual impairments. This program is a very effective tool for HR, IT,training, managerial and supervisory staff seeking to gain a better understanding of how to work with people who have a visual impairment.

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