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“Disability does not mean inability”

Helen Keller stated, “Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.” At Virtual Vision Technologies we don’t want you to do “just so much”… We want you to learn to effectively use your skills to, do so much more!

Our Innovative Training Programs provide an opportunity for candidates with visual or physical limitations to prepare for employment, to further their education, or to receive certification as instructors of assistive technology. An array of courses and programs are offered that can be customized to accommodate your specific, individual needs.

Listen to the following audio (links to MP3 files below) to hear how VVT can customize training just for you.

Access Technology and Job Readiness Training

Immersion style Access Technology Training

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Our Instructors:

  • Are access technology specialists professionals who are skilled users of A T
  • Possess a wide range of diverse skills and industry experience
  • Understand the special needs of their students.
  • Provide that personal touch you need for successful retention!

Our training courses are flexible and can be designed and customized specifically to accommodate your unique training needs.

Training Process Overview:

  • Selection of Course or Program
  • Select your preference of delivery methods
  • Interview with our Trainers
  • A skills assessment
  • VVT Development of a training curricula to meet your needs
  • Scheduling of training hours according to chosen course selection and method of delivery
  • Delivery of training
  • Measurement and documentation of objectives, outcomes, and participant feedback

When developing a training package, VVT gives you options!

The following tables carry you through the first two steps toward your customized training solution!

Step 1: Course and/or Program Selection

To get started, browse our Course Catalog to search through individual course offerings. Select one or two at a time a la carte, or build a comprehensive custom package that suits your specific needs.

VVT Course Catalog

Alternatively, review and select an already customized general or specialized Innovative Training Program from the choices below.

Training Programs for Individuals:

These Programs are customized bundles of our most popular courses designed to suit individuals in the most common scenarios.

The Basic Course: Learn the basics of using Assistive Technology. New to AT? New to computer or other Information Technology? The Basic Course will walk you through everything you need to know to become a proficient user with working knowledge of high-tech and low-tech AT & IT. This course generally focuses on confirmation and use of the AT that is most appropriate for you, and is an A to Z progression which satisfies most State, Federal, and local rehabilitation Agency requirements.

Courses and teaching objectives are tailored according to the needs of the student, but Basic Core Courses could include:

  • Typing
  • Introduction to Magnification Software (as appropriate)
  • Introduction to Screen Reading Software (as appropriate)
  • Access Technology (AT) with Windows
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Introduction to E-Mail
  • Internet
  • Microsoft Excel, OCR and Braille 1,2 can be added as needed

The Advanced Course: “Beyond the Basics”. Already dabbling in Information Technology? Did you use a computer at a previous job or at casually home? This Training progression builds on the concepts presented in our Basic Course and will guide you to a mastery level with those skills as well as additional preparatory training on advanced usage of AT & IT.

Let’s face it, to compete in today’s work place, you have to know and do more than just “the basics” which are all that’s required by most State Agencies. Additional modules in the Advanced Course tighten up important higher-tech skills that go beyond the basics.

The Advanced Core Courses could include:

  • Intermediate screen Reading Software (as appropriate)
  • Intermediate Magnification Software (as appropriate)
  • Intermediate Microsoft Word
  • Intermediate E-Mail
  • Advanced Internet Strategies
  • Braille 3, Intermediate versions of OCR, Word, Excel and Power Point can be added as needed

PEP (Primer for Employee Preparedness) Need AT training at work or to get that particular job? Learn to use your access technology integrated with your current or prospective company’s proprietary applications…

Instructor Certification Program Looking for a rewarding career? In 8 to 10 weeks, learn the skills needed to become a qualified instructor of access technology.

VVT Co-Op ProgramGet Ready! Get Ready! Prepare to get that job! Looking for an internship? We can help you. Spend March through May preparing by taking advantage of our innovative and interactive job readiness workshops…

Training Programs for Teams and Key Personnel:

    • Skills for Sighted Staff (S3)
    • Are you hiring or supporting visually impaired individuals in your organization? Learn how to provide the right type of A T and computer help to disabled users. What helps? What hurts? Corporate personnel, library staff, and government agencies are all well-suited to benefit from this course.
    • Technology Training for Trainers (T3)
    • Learn what works and what doesn’t when you have visually impaired learners in your classroom. Whether you have a physical or virtual classroom, learn how to leverage alternate delivery methodologies and alternative format media to assist your students with disabilities. Perfect for corporate trainers and primary or higher education instructors.

Optimally, both the S3 and T3 half-day events can be combined to provide your staff with a full day of the most comprehensive preparation for the most appropriate, accommodating, and comfortable integration of workers with disabilities into your enterprise. Our clients frequently opt for this perfectly suited combination, especially the first time any new location or office hosts visually impaired workers. Normally, the S3 is delivered in a morning session and is generally suited to all staff and employees, while the afternoon T3 session is specifically geared toward trainers and IT support staff.

Step 2: Delivery Method Selection

The total hours required to complete selected Course/Program packages will vary from person-to-person, and by the different learning objective requirements of the courses bundled into the package. Many times, that time can be segmented in a number of flexible ways to meet demanding or relaxed scheduling needs.

Location, Location, Location! Most courses and programs can be delivered either at our Learning Center or at your location and in varying mediums:

  • Hourly Training Courses: Work at your own pace in variable sessions of 2 to 4 hours daily–or on a weekly or intermittent schedule that fits your current vocational, educational, or personal life style needs.
  • Intensive Immersion Training: Need to learn specific skills FAST? Try this 40 hour per-week concentrated training option tailored just for you. Not for the faint of heart–immersion is the key to quick progress and good retention here. Build a package to earn beginner to mastery-level AT skills in a short slice of time… Two and three week immersion packages are also available depending on training needs.
  • Five Week Comprehensive Course: Ideal for beginners… No interruptions during your training work for you? This training delivery method is 5-weeks, 25 hours per week. Learn beginner, advanced, or specialized skills using AT software and hardware. The Five-Week Course is the most commonly utilized method for those who need to start from the beginning, or who are in a vocational rehabilitation progression. It is optimally suited as a general pre-employment, or college primer, but, like other delivery methods, this course can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Group Training: The small group setting is an all day course which operates week days only for a period of five (5) weeks. This Learning Option allows beginners to work together, learn together and realize that they are not alone as they discover new and essential skills to deal with vision disability. Each student has his/her own workstation and time for independent, hands-on practice. Each computer station in the VVT Learning Center is equipped with the latest version A T software and other computer applications necessary for training. Training is offered in small groups of five (5) to ensure optimum facilitation and to ensure maximum learning for each student. Students will work together toward the same primary learning objectives before advancing on to one-to-one customized training. This course is usually offered at an introductory/intermediate level.
  • V-Learning: Is traveling for training a problem for you? Take advantage of our Virtual Learning (or V-Learning) options. Currently, remote training is available via teleconferencing, email, and the breakthrough experience of Learning In Tandem. All V-Learning options will get you the same personal attention from highly interactive professional instructors as the other delivery methods. And coming very soon, our Online Web-based training course delivery alternative may be a good solution for you as well!

Update! VVT leverages remote computer access in Virtual Learning with it’s newest delivery option: Learning In Tandem! Learn More about Learning In Tandem…

We want to partner with you on your journey to that new career choice… or to enhance your current vocational or educational goals… or just enrich your personal life. Whatever your circumstance, we can provide the solutions and tools you need for success. Our staff will work with you in the development of your training plan. Review Course and Program offerings, delivery methods , and connect with our Trainers to take the next steps in the creation of your customized training package!

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